Custom gateway url in ipfs

Hi all,
Is there any way to use a custom gateway rather than
like when we publish any file in ipfs network we can access it as
I want to change that gateway like and access files. Can we do that in ipfs?


Wdym. Yes of course …

can you tell me how exactly we can do that.

I don’t want to use existing public gateways…rather want to use a new gateway

just use your own gateway then
Load things from (or whatever address it has)

As I said I want to use a new gateway with some name like than existing public gateways or localhost. Is that possible? If so how?

Deploy your own server

how can I do that?
should I buy domain name or something like that, what is the process?

Rent a VPS , get a domain name, and start IPFS there.

OK…how to connect that domain name to ipfs?

You don’t. You serve IPFS gateway on port 443, after configuring the DNS records and a reverse proxy

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you might try using ipfs://

By default ipfs will enable a gateway on localhost. To make it public you’ll need to edit your config for the entry Addresses.Gateway to listen to a public address. Then you’ll need to point a DNS address to the gateway and you are done.

I would also consider whether you want to set Gateway.NoFetch to true. By default it will run as an open gateway allowing people to access any content through your gateway. Setting NoFetch to True will only return content that you have on that node.

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