Can an ipfs gateway also be used to host a website?

I am new to ipfs and I think this above mentioned comment may sound ignorant.But I am wondering if the ipfs gateway software also allows to host the index.html and .css file as well. I want to run a gateway to help the network. I think it will make it easier for people to find my site and the content access speed should be improved as well. Please respond with as much details as possible because I know other people want to know also.thanks you

I’ll give you a quick reply for starters, maybe others can chime in with more details.

The shortest answer is: YES!

I run several of those myself. Here is one of them, as an example:

which is really the IPFS site:


You can pull it up and look at the HTML to see that it doesn’t require anything complicated, and allows for CSS and JavaScript.

To run such a site, you at the very least need your own IPFS node to serve the content, and possibly use pinning services to make your content even more accessible.

Once you have that up, you can access your website from public gateways. Here are some examples:

The problem with those is that they can be slow and they don’t allow you to just use your own domain name.

The next possibility is to run your own gateway, which solves those two problems. I would recommend locking your gateway to only serve your own content, or you’ll get unwanted traffic, and possibly even takedown requests for phishing sites hosted on the IPFS network.

The other possibility is to make use of a commercial entity that provides those services for you. There are quite a few these days. Personally, I use, but any will do really.

I hope this answers most of your questions,


Hello, thanks for the reply. I am trying to build a website that is very censorship resistant so Im trying to see how or if it is possible to setup the gateway without a domain name as these are taken down/censored easily.I see some people have used .onion addresses but what I was thinking is to use maybe a ip address…or some way to configure the gateway without a domain name. Any thoughts??

You can use the normal IPNS to do that. Here is that same site again, using an IPNS address:

You can also use ENS:

or HNS: