Domain names, HTTP gateways and IPFS

Could anyone point me to a discussion of the best way to handle domains and HTTP gateways when using the IPFS to host websites?

In a perfect world, I would like to use a traditional GTLD to allow access to the site via a HTTP gateway, and I would also like to use a decentralised crypto domain like ‘.eth’ to point to the same website and allow direct access via IPNS. Is this possible? I realise that both domains will need to be updated with the hash of each new version of the website.

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In fact, ENS Manager has Temporal IPFS Pinning Service integrated into their web based domain manager. But, there’s no requirement to utilize that particular pinning service or ENS (with today’s crazy gas prices… $4 USD to change a record). Just supply the IPNS record and use any pinning service and/or run your own gateway.

If you want to access the IPFS based website via a standard TLD, you’ll need to use dnslink:

If you need TLS with certificates that are associated with the TLD, you’ll need to front your site with a standard webserver.


That’s great, everything I need to know. Thanks!