Host website using IPFS, IPNS and, DNSLink in 5mins

A Complete Tutorial to Host a Website on IPFS and using IPNS and DNSLink to get human-friendly-names for your websites.


Good article!

Two things I didn’t understand:

  • Hosting you website using an hosting service like AWS or GoDaddy would be useless if you want to do a website for IPFS, because it would be accessible only via HTTP. You only want to have a DNS record for your domain name, so a registrar (without the hosting service) is the way to go IMO.
  • I don’t know why you wrote “Leave it blank” in the Name field of the DNS record, it should contain your domain name.

Besides, I would have talked about something else in your article: how to update your record. There are 2 solutions:

  1. If you store an IPFS CID in DNSLink, hopefully the website of your registrar has a form to update the record whenever you change your website. To have a quick DNS propagation, set the TTL (Time-to-Live) field to 0 (the record is uncached directly after it is used).

  2. Another way to do this is to store an IPNS record in DNSLink:

Name Record type TTL Value TXT 99999 “dnslink=/ipns/<your IPNS record>”

This way your DNSLink never changes, so you can set the TTL field to what you want. Whenever you want to update your website, you republish the IPNS record and you don’t need to ask your registrar to change the DNS record. The main issue with this solution is that IPNS is very slow, it takes about 2 minutes for an IPNS lookup. Hopefully IPNS over PubSub will allow to shorten lookup time.


Hi @talb. Was busy with my exams. Sorry for the late reply:)

I totally agree with that. But just to make it easy for people to understand the article, I used “hosting provider”, which a lot of people know about(even non techies).

I don’t know why you wrote “Leave it blank” in the Name field of the DNS record, it should contain your domain name.

Also, this one is a mistake. As I was using AWS, the “” was pre-filled. This may confuse other people. I will change this one.

I also agree with providing more info about updating the website. I just wanted to keep it simple and short. But I think I should add “updating website” too.

Thanks for your valuable suggestions:) I will change the article ASAP.

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You might be interested in what Pinata and Cloudflare offer:

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They do provide a really easy and reliable way to host website on IPFS. The above article is more of a DIY post.

It is basically the same idea in both articles. A very promising new way to do publishing. However it cannot yet be done by non-technical people …

@vasa-develop, wanted to check your tutorial, but SimpleAsWater link seems to be broken.

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Hi @F3Joule

We just updated to Ghost CMS.
Here is the article:
Also, here is the index of all the content on IPFS:

Let me know if you face any other problems :slight_smile:


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The article has been shifted to

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how connect .crypto or .zil domains to local installed ipfs and host web site .

Check this out: