Setting a web server as IPFS node


Sorry if my question is very elementary.

Is it possible to set our private web server to act as a node for IPFS ( for example “…/…”? I mean is there any possibility for setting a server address for IPFS node in order to put files on server and share it with others?

(May be it is titled as “Setting up a public IPFS gateway at a custom domain name”

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when we run your node with ipfs you have gateway enalbe aftr that locally you can define a DNS for that. for configure url in ipfs see config set manuals also.


Thanks a lot for your attention.

Do you have any clear example to show me how to do this?

I’m very confused about how doing this.



see that : for step ‘Next, modify your ipfs configuration’ see that

ipfs config edit - Opens the config file for editing in $EDITOR


To use 'ipfs config edit', you must have the $EDITOR environment
variable set to your preferred text editor.


Really many thanks.

I’m going to study it.