Configure ipfs to answer port 8089

I don’t know if I’m in the right place, I hope so and I apologize if I’m not. I’m new to ipfs so I’m still fasting.

I have two ipfs nodes, node1 and node2.
From node 2 I want to pin a file to node1.
I configured the ipfs config file in node1 like this:

"API": {
    "HTTPHeaders": {
        "Access-Control-Allow-Headers": [
        "Access-Control-Allow-Methods": [
        "Access-Control-Allow-Origin": [
    "HTTPHeadersTimeout": "20s",
    "HTTPReadTimeout": "30s",
    "HTTPWriteTimeout": "30s",
    "HTTPListenAddr": "/ip4/",
    "HTTPGatewayRoot": "",
    "WebsocketMaxMessageSize": 524288,
    "HTTPHeaders": {
        "Authorization": [
            "Basic dXNlcjExOlF1ZXN0YVByb3jgDrdubmluZzIwMjM="

  "Addresses": {
    "API": "/ip4/",
    "Announce": [],
    "AppendAnnounce": [],
    "Gateway": "/ip4/",
    "NoAnnounce": [],
    "Swarm": [

Whatever request node2 makes to node1 I get no response. The requested ports are open. Where am I wrong? Can you help me?

I realize the question was misplaced.