How to setup our server as an IPFS node?

Hi everyone,

I have a server and wish to setup it as an IPFS node. In fact, I wish to contribute to the IPFS ecosystem and have permanently pinning a file. Would you please help me in details? How can I do this with a javascript code?

Also I want to know if swarm works better that IPFS in this regard?

Does it have to be written in javascript? If not, there are instructions on installing go-ipfs here.

In what regard?

Many thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t understand through your suggested link how to setup our personal server such as “…/…” as an IPFS node? Would you please help me more and in details?

Thanks in advance,

Setting up a public IPFS gateway at a custom domain name is a little bit more involved than just setting up an IPFS node. Someone else will need to help if you need specific instructions. In the meantime, these two posts might be helpful on proxying requests to your web server to the IPFS gateway (it’s unclear if you’re using apache or nginx).

Thanks a lot for your help & guide.