IPFS file on public gateway problem

hello , when I drag a file in my ipfs desktop ( I also use ipfs compnion ) and run my ipfs node by

ipfs daemon

I can see the file on my local address ( local host ) , but when I use the

https://ipfs/ipfs/{File Hash}

it shows nothing on my browser. it seems it cant find the file on ipfs , could you address me please on this issue ?

I don’t understand. What are you doing exactly?

The url looks like{fileHash}
Check whether you are right here.

maybe the https://ipfs.io gateway is busy.
and if you in china , accessing https://IPfs.io is very delayed

I just want to show up an image that I saved in Ipfs , so I can see the image in my local host but it doesn’t show up in IPFS public gateway such as ( for example ) :

Your node may be unable to talk with public network. Check port 4001.

When you get the block from gateway, the host first to find the cid in the ipfs main net .
local node always has the block data, but other nodes must search cid and get block first,then response to gateway.

it did not change . I mean the resault is same

Okay thanks for the details .
How it could be handle you think ?

Which device you are using for node?

Im using my pc to make the node up

open the port 4001 from your router to the PC.

the ipfs main net can’t connect to your pc to get block data.
as @Galactus said, you should allow 4001 port and if you behind NAT , you need to confirm that Swarm.RelayClient.Enabled is true (default:true)

sorry for late reply I’m suffering from internet connection vulnerability ,
could you please clarify this : open the port 4001 from your router to the pc ?
I’m not familiar whit this , if there is any documentation for this task , share it please . thanks

Port Forwarding is the standard procedure to expose internal service to the public internet. Google for further information.
You will find this setting on your ISP router. If you are using any firewall / smart switches in-between, check on them too.

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