Am I using IPNS correctly?

It takes a full minute for the request to /api/v0/name/publish to complete.
I guess this isn’t supposed to happen? Or is it?

The flow is as follows (all via the api):

  1. Generate IPNS key pair with /api/v0/key/gen
  2. Add content to IPFS (in this case the data is -> “{}”, an empty json object/file)
  3. Publish that content hash to the IPNS key

Sidenote: I’m building a lightweight authorization/authentication thing with IPNS.

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Is there a way to transfer IPNS private keys between machines? I’m not sure I understand how if someone is using several computers with IPFS they’ll all be able to publish hashes to the same IPNS address for authentication purposes (and keeping library data in sync, assuming this is for Ongaku Ryoho).

More on topic, I think you’re doing it right (assuming this has what you’re doing). Even publishing to IPNS from the command prompt is really slow. There’s an issue open for IPNS performance, but I’m not sure if it’s only meant to address resolving performance or also publishing performance.

Yeah, that is a good question. I haven’t found a way to do that yet. Though to be fair, there’s quite a lot I don’t understand yet about this system.

Thanks for going through my code! It’s exactly that code yeah.

Hmm ok, it seems like IPNS isn’t ready to be used yet in applications then :cry:
Ah well, at least I’ve got the initial implementation working.
Hopefully we can do something with this later.

Thanks for the help John :wink: