ArchiveCache: A decentralized filesystem using IPFS

ArchiveCache is a simple, extensible, decentralized filesystem. Users can create their own folders, share data and discuss. There is no central servers. ArchiveCache currently uses IPFS, but can be extended to use other similar types of tech.

ArchiveCache filesystem works like this:

  • Each user has a local version of the filesystem.
  • Users can freely edit their filesystem.
  • Data is stored on IPFS.
  • Users share a link to the root of their filesystem ( an IPFS CID ).
  • Users merge other users filesystems into their own ( rules such as ownership with signatures apply here ).
  • The modifying - merging - sharing cycle is what causes information propagates through the network.

ArchiveCache is extensible. Currenly CAD is not supported, but that can be added. It is also possible to add new types of directories, e.g. with multiple owners, archiving, diffs, rate limiting, encryption, allowing handling everything from source control to forums and specialized archives. Even new protocols like bittorrent, ftp, http and freenet can be supported in the future.

Additionally, since we’re just sharing files and directories, any application that uses the filesystem can be used as a multiuser application. For example, if a game stores the world on the form World/TileXXYY/itemNNNN.png, it could be edited or played collaboratively simply by putting the World directory on the ArchiveCache filesystem.

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