Are the implementation different in js-ipfs and ipfs-http-client?

Hey there , I just found out about IPFS so I was testing IPFS using ipfs-http-client.
I found a below test case in js-ipfs:

    it('should get with a base58 encoded multihash', async () => {
      const files = await all(ipfs.get(fixtures.smallFile.cid))
      expect(uint8ArrayToString(uint8ArrayConcat(await all(files[0].content)))).to.contain('Plz add me!')

here It is getting data inside files[0].content , but if i do the same in ipfs-http-client using:

   const hashValue = await; // smart contract gets you CID
   const data = await all(ipfs.get(`${hashValue}`));

I get the value inside data variable if I remove ‘it-all’ library (all), But with it, there is no logs in console.
It’s kind of confusing to me. Please any assist would be helpful. Am I missing something ? Thankyyou