Are there any examples of running IPNS in go?

I am working on an API to generate/passout keys, and return IPNS records. That’s the goal at least, but I don’t think it actually works properly. I think a good use case would be storing the records in NFT contracts to create customizeable NFTs. Or enabling blogging sites, where its not just one person making their own dblog, but many people with their own page article. Think a “d”-medium, when a writer writes an article they click the “publish”, an IPNS key generates, gets returned to them to keep safe, and then post/publish to IPNS afterwards and signs with their key. Then from there it would be the services job to make it searchable/addressable. Same with custom NFTs, it’d be the services job to manage or limit the ability to play the game within the rules.

Would love for you to take a look and help out! IPNSGoServer

I think you will have to read go-ipfs code to see how that happens.

Start here: go-ipfs/publish.go at master · ipfs/go-ipfs · GitHub

And then here: go-ipfs/name.go at master · ipfs/go-ipfs · GitHub


I was hoping for less “docs” type of examples, but hopefully this new resource will help out :sweat_smile: I had not seen these pages before, I will take a look around. Thank you.