Are there IPFS-friendly static Web site generators?

I am playing with hosting my blog in IPFS, trying IPNS and/or ENS (and maybe others in the future). The main problem I have at the moment is that my static Web site generator requires me to specify a root URL for my blog, and inserts that in lots of places. With ENS that’s already a problem (depending on browsing tools, the root is khinsen.eth or, and if I want to explore other name services in parallel, it only gets worse.

A quick check of the site generators I have tried in the past shows that they all work in the same way. Is there any that produces relocatable sites, without a fixed root?


There is an IPFS plugin for Gatsby that will get round the fixed root issue:

I believe you can use relative paths in hugo as well with a config setting.


You might also find this tutorial by @agentofuser interesting:


Thanks @kanej and @jessicaschilling for your suggestions!