Autoupdate MFS root directory

I am in process to write a Python script, which run 4 times a day and autoupdate a filestore MFS root directory cid.

Its features will be:

  • JSON configuration per MFS root directory
  • Forbidden sub-objects with regex. Files or subdirectories not allowed to be published.
  • Update all files and subdirectories added/changed/removed/renamed from last execution of script.
  • Update name cid for root directory cid.

Before spend time for this, is there an easier way to do such thing, or a ready solution?

This is a concept lots of people have mentioned, and looked into, myself included, but I never implemented anything on MFS like that. The magic search term for google will be “File Synchronization with IPFS MFS” probably, which turned up the two links below:

Also search this forum for the word “synchronize” and “MFS” if you didn’t do that yet. This discussion forum itself is one of the best sources to search for IPFS info.

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