Balance of own and other people's data

I store in ipfs 40mb, other people’s blocks occupy 675 GB.
how to adjust the balance between your own and other people’s blocks?

There is no “others people blocks”.

IPFS does not store other people blocks unless you explicitely ask it to, that means:

  • Pinning the file, (ipfs pin add QmExample), then you will download it and host it forever (or until you shutdown your node or remove it)
  • Host cached data, when you download some data you also cache it and reshare it for some time. You can do ipfs repo gc to trigger a garbage collection run. You can also pass --enable-gc to ipfs daemon to enable the automatic GC.

If I published a file, other nodes won’t store my file? I can’t check the file in the gateway after I stop my own node?

No they wont unless the node owner explicitly do it.