Browser ipfs-http-client not replicating pubsub from kubo daemon

I am running a kubo ipfs daemon (v0.14.0) on a given machine. I’m using ipfs-http-client (version 57.0.0) on a Node.js application server on the same machine to write entries to a database. If I connect other ipfs-http-clients running on on the same node server (different multithreaded processes), to the same daemon, I am able to retrieve the oplog and build the index of database entries. However, when I try to use a browserified bundle (version 56.0.0 due to bundling issues with later versions) and run the ipfs-http-client in the browser, also connecting to the same kubo daemon, I am able to open the database, but the oplog returns as empty. It seems like something about the browser environment is preventing pubsub/the oplog from functioning properly, whereas the same general setup with Node.js worked as expected (each ipfs-http-client instance and orbitdb instance was able to maintain it’s own synced copy of the database).

This seems like a bug to me, but perhaps I’m missing something. Does anyone know what I might be missing in order to get this working properly? Thank you.