BUG: Unusual localized IPFS loading error

Prefacing this by saying I’m not a technical person but I own a piece of generative art that lives on IPFS.

This is the work: Rainbow🌈Grid P64-4F

I’m in Manhattan (and a friend in Brooklyn) and see a perpetual loading screen on both Chrome and Safari and get the following console error:

However, the artist, who is in Germany, has no problem loading the work and viewing it.

My friend in Brooklyn that also sees the perpetual loading screen fired up his VPN, set it to Germany, and the work loads and is viewable with no issue.

Any idea what’s going on here? The artist repinned the work and it didn’t correct the issue.

This is the loading error we see in the NY metro area. It doesn’t change:

I came here to post about the same issue (possibly). What I think is happening is that URLs with a subpath (https://ipfs.io/ipfs/CID/some/path/to/file.jpg) are getting rewritten to an invalid domain https://backend/ipfs/CID/some/path/to/file.jpg

I can reproduce issue via VPN to NYC and Toronto, so it seems like maybe a configuration issue with a specific server?

In your case, what’s happening is that the main index.html file loads, but then it fails when it tries to load the javascript because of the above issue.

Hi, there is a problem apparently affecting the gateway endpoints in the NY region only. The gateway team is working to correct it.


Ah super! Thanks so much! Was starting to think it was all in my mind.

Hi, can everyone check again? We think we fixed it.

And we’re back! Thanks so much, it’s fixed! We can close ths.