Can I change the port ipfs works on:?

I changed my ISP and ipfs have stopped working completely.
I asked them and they said they have closed port 10001 and that ipfs works on this port.
are they right?
I know about port 4001 but I dont know what port in closed on my ISP firewall.
what port ipfs uses (and listens on too) and can I change them so ipfs works in this ISP too?

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IPFS uses following ports by default:

  • 4001
  • 5001 (HTTP API endpoint)
  • 8080 (gateway Endpoint)

IPFS doesn’t uses port 10001 by default.

Yes, you can change the default ports.
I am assuming that you are using go-ipfs to run your IPFS daemon
To change the ports, open the config file, which is situated at ~/.ipfs/config, by default.

Here you can change the port numbers.
Feel free to ask anything, if you still have questions :wink:

the ISP contacted for my support ticket ( I told them the program and supposedly they have tested it) and told me it doesnt work because they have blocked the port.
it may be that the isp guy read the port wrong (10001 instead of 4001).
but I remeber him saying the port was blocked before me saying anything so I assume somebody actually tested the program and they are not talking out of their ass(which happens a lot with internet in my country) .

and I have tried changing the port for swarm to f

but it doesnt help.

I have zero traffic from ipfs, and even webui wont open.

They may be blocking outbound connections to port 4001 in which case there’s nothing you can do on your end. Which country?

but it is not the (fucked up an messy) national filternet.
I can use it (with lower peers) on my last ISP and my mobile 4G works fine with it.