Can multiple nodes share the same peer id?

Can I copy the “Identity” part of the config file to another computer so I can use the same peer id on multiple computers?

Can these computers be up at the same time and serve content without problems?

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It’s not recommended to do this. Could I ask why you would like to do this? It’s not very resource intensive to generate a new identity on your other computer.

Duplicate of node identity is probably a bad idea, but if you reframe the question into “can I publish to the same IPNS key from multiple boxes?”, then it makes more sense. If you use dedicated key for that.
(Someone may want to publish a static blog from home, and then from work laptop)

I created PoC of publishing to the same PeerId from two different boxes some time ago:


I don’t want update the dnslink= TXT record every time I publish from a different computer.

So peer id doesn’t have to be the same as the IPNS hash it publishes to right?

It’s good to know.

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