Combining IPFS and Hyperledger Composer


I am a student and I am about to prototype system that utilizes a hyperledger fabric chain as a reference for ipfs files. Is here someone that can provide me with some tipps and advices? Is both in javascript combinable? Otherwise, I am also interested in your opinion =)

Thanks in advance.

Some friends were trying that… At the end they abandoned hyperledger in favor of Ethereum.

Sad to hear,

I cannot abandon hyperledger because it enables the use case…

No objection against Ethereum it has definitely the better marketing department. :slight_smile:

What is the use case exactly? Maybe somebody here can help…

The use case is that both provider and consumer can upload files in ipfs that are referenced in the hyperledger fabric blockchain.
Because it may be confidential data which should be only shared with selected peers, the hyperledger fabric is essential.

So for my prototype, it would be important to know how to integrate sth like “Upload file to IPFS” in the UI (preferably Angular) or rather having a table of all uploaded ipfs files in the UI. Does someone has experience in doing so? I appreciate any advice.
(I hope it is understandable)

Were you able to build this. I have a similar use case and wanted to know if something already exists.

Hi Cheerio,
I am a student and setting up a private network for contract management using hyperledger and imps.
A helping hand will be helpful for me in such scenario!

Thanks in advance.

Even I’m looking for for solutions similar to this. Please let me know if you come across some suitable solutions to this.

There are some news in this thread?

I’m also a student keen on working on block chains, ipfs and dat protocol. I’ve started a project that aims to create block chains to share ipfs and dat hashes.

Still early stages of development.

Hi, have you figured out "how to upload files to IPFS " from angular and retrieve hash ? I am exactly trying the same.

guys, found something similar, not sure how useful it will be,

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