Could IPFS DHT weakness be solved with Lokinet?

IPFS uses DHT (Distributed Hash Tables) to help a node find another node pinning a specific file.

The Kademlia algorithm is used to achieve this:
Distributed Hash Tables (DHTs) | IPFS Docs

One issue with using DHTs is that the IP address of the node pinning the content for that CID (Content Identification) hash becomes apparent. This doesn’t help Free-Speech, which benefits from anonymity to avoid persecution. An IP address is uniquely identifiable.

Are there alternatives to the current system which could usefully be substititued?

TOR uses DHT too, but has a centralized authority for them. i2p eliminates the centralized authority for DHTs:

Lokinet, which is Free Software and still under active development, offers greater anonymity and has such better latency than i2p that Lokinet could be used to stream video. Lokinet might therefore be a strong alternative to IPFS’s current system in terms of anonymity and latency. It might also, due to its low latency, propagate content through the IPFS more quickly, helping IPFS as a CDN (Content Delivery Network).

I hope our highly esteemed IPFS developers investigate how Lokinet could help IPFS:

The Lokinet developers can be reached for chat using the excellent Telegram alternative, Session:

Chat with nanachi: