Data sent/received discrepancy

I set up a a number of nodes in a private network.
No bootstraps, no outside peers.
I logged data sent and received (bitswap stat) for all nodes (sum).
For a test run those two numbers were close to 27GB but with a difference of aprox. 530MB (data_received > data_sent).
That’s a rough 2% of total transferred data.
How can this be explained?
Is there any kind of gossiping that is included in received data but not in sent?

The file is split in 256 kB chunks by default, that’s 110592 chunks. If you divide 530 MB by the chunk number, that’s 4 kB/chunk.

Just telling what to send and from who is at least 0.1 kB, finding where to get it, at least an another few 0.1 kB. Let’s say it should be at least 1 kB for that per chunk. No idea about the other 3 kB/chunk, as I have no clue yet about how it works, I get just hints of it. Try increasing chunk size.