Data Validation

Dear Community,

I am about to do my thesis, which is basically aiming to put some health data into a blockchain /blockchain similar technology. Unfortunately, after reading all the different approaches all the different approaches I reached a information overload.

I would like ask you about the validation of information entered into IPFS. Is it the case that peers need to valid the information or do I messing it up with BigChainDB?

In case you can provide me with general objection regarding IPFS and me idea feel free to let me know.

IPFS isn’t a blockchain. IPFS peers validate content that they request from the network by comparing the content that they receive to the hash that they requested. If the hash of the content the peer receives doesn’t match up to the hash it requested, then it knows the content it received is invalid.

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What would recommend it for experiment purpose?

I am also studying this issue recently,i hope to talk about this with you.

I would really like to do so.

I hope your thesis is going well! This is slightly off topic but something to consider:

I am not an expert in the healthcare industry, but it is filled with complex policies and legislation (at least here in the US). Specifically storing and transmitting of PII can be extremely cumbersome. I am hoping that your data is sanitized to comply with these standards.

I believe @leerspace answered the question about validation. Here is a cool article on sharing datasets with IPFS: that could aid in your effort.

Interested to see where you land!

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