Definition issue

when I read the source code of go-ipfs,I am always confused about some words. like GC, fsrepo…I even dont know what they are. So is there any document for these definitions?

We don’t have any glossary for terms but by using a combination of the --help flag and Google, should give you some information at least.

Using GC as a first example, running ipfs repo gc --help gives you this:

➜  jenkins git:(websites) ✗ ipfs repo gc --help
  ipfs repo gc - Perform a garbage collection sweep on the repo.

  ipfs repo gc [--quiet | -q] [--stream-errors]


  -q,            --quiet bool - Write minimal output. Default: false.
  --stream-errors        bool - Stream errors. Default: false.


  'ipfs repo gc' is a plumbing command that will sweep the local
  set of stored objects and remove ones that are not pinned in
  order to reclaim hard disk space.

Regarding fsrepo, you could Google the term and should be the first result, leading to the specification of fs-repo so you can figure out exactly what it means.

thank you for detailed description,got it