Does ipfs uses blockchain?

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I have a very basic question …Does ipfs uses blockchain in some way?? and how exactly??
I am new to ipfs and what I read about it is uses a content addressing just like in git. whereas git is not using blockchain at all…and ipfs uses merkle trees and kademilia dht … is there any place for blockchain in ipfs ??? I am confused…
appreciate your helps friends…

IPFS does not use a blockchain.

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Like leerspace said, the IPFS protocol doesn’t use blockchain directly. However you may hear IPFS and blockchains talked about together quite frequently. Many blockchain projects use IPFS to increase their storage capacity, while still maintaining the tamper-proof audibility that comes with blockchains.

I wrote a blog post on this that might explain this a bit: Ethereum and IFPS

As I mention in the post, it’s a bit high level of an explanation, so if you have any deeper technical questions, I’d be more than happy to help answer them.

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Thanks obo20 for the reply
very interesting topic, I will get you back with my questions.