Does js-ipfs work offline?

I am not able to start a node, nor add files or cat local files.

hi Gorka,

do you have some detail

could you share your node version / js-ipfs version / some logs when your try to add a file


Hey Josse,

I’ll have to set up a gist and share it but in a nutshell: when I shut my computer’s wifi I never get the ‘ready’ nor ‘start’ events from my js-ipfs node.

I have pubsub turned on.

I’ll update with the gist.


This could be an OS or network driver level issue. For example, if you’re trying to load you still need an active network driver that understands how to push data through that local ip:port. This can be a dummy (emulated with no hardware) or loopback driver, but something needs to be responding at that “network” port regardless of whether you’re online or disconnected. Otherwise you’re dependent on local-storage-only paths like file:///.

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