Enforce ownership on data retrieval

Hi guys!
I am studying IPFS protocol, to see if I can use it within a project.
Reading the white-paper, am I correct in saying that everything in IPFS is public and there is no way to make a CID “owned” by an user or a group of users, so it is not possible for anyone else to fetch the file even knowing the CID?

Basically yes. You can have a private swarm where only the members who share a secret key can share data. You can also encrypt the data and share that and it’s still owned by whoever has the key to decrypt but by default it shares whatever you put on there. I’m fairly sure you can setup a node in a leech like mode where you can pull from the network but nothing is shared too.

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Thanks! Do I have to manage my own ipfs nodes for a private network?

Yes, or anyone else that you can convince to install the swarm key and be a part of your private swarm. So it could be you or a friend or someone online that you’d like to be a part of whatever it is you’re doing.