Error: merkledag: not found - lost file

I need help.

I saved a file on IPFS, and when I try to retrieve it, I get the error

Error: merkledag: not found

Is there a way to retrieve the file?

how to save and how to retrieve your ressource share command please ?

For my case, I’m trying to retrieve the file using the command

ipfs get <hash>

To save the file, I use the command

ipfs add <filename>

Are you running both of the commands on the same node? If not, is the node that you ran ipfs add on running the IPFS daemon?

The node I ran the IPFS daemon is not live. The hard disk crashed. That is the reason I thought I would retrieve the file from IPFS

If nobody else pinned the file or has it cached on their node, then the file is likely lost. IPFS doesn’t automatically distribute your content or force other nodes to host it; IPFS nodes need to request content in order cache and provide it.

I just discovered IPFS by uploading to d-tube and I want to seed the video I uploaded before it gets lost from my own computer. Alas, when I try:

ipfs get QmbVvsrL1q1nhmtUpKc5vzXUGaq4xeb3JsmYWp9MZUShGW

I also get Error:merkledag: not found even though I can still watch my d-tube at the moment (I gather that with d-tube we have a week for someone to seed it elsewhere).
Any advice would be much appreciated.

p.s. The d-tube I uploaded is this one…!/v/angelicaperduta/64yd952g
I got the hash key by right clicking and taking the video address

I don’t know why, but it seems like’s nodes are difficult or impossible to reach using other IPFS nodes.

That video should now be at least temporarily available on a IPFS node that should be easier to reach. I did this by downloading the video from through their gateway and then adding it using ipfs add -t video.mp4. The main key to getting the video to produce the same hash is to use the trickle (-t) option. I don’t know if this is true for all videos or just this one.

If you want to pin it it should be available for at least a little while.

edit: for some reason I got a different hash than you did when I looked at the video URL at the link. It looks like must encode multiple video files with different resolutions for the same video. So both of the below hashes point to different quality versions of your video (and both should be available for pinning for now).

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Thanks ever so much.
I managed to pin both of those. Hopefully I will be able to keep my d-tubes alive indefinitely now by seeding them on my own computer. I have an old desktop I could run as an IPFS node and maybe web torrent and file server too. I still need to understand the d-tube gateway although in theory my older d-tubes will be the same files that I have on my hard drive already, so I will try adding them next to see if I get the same key and can the view them via d-tube again. :slight_smile:


When I encoded my original .mp4 it did produce the same hash key as the dtube that I uploaded 7 months ago.
I added it to my ipfs using -t as U suggest. The video started playing… but stopped after 15 seconds.
I wonder if I have the right configuration… Is there a simple tutorial for newbies how to set up an IPFS server that I can just leave running to seed ipfs for public access please?

The world is crying out for an alternative to Youtube :wink:

The world is crying out for an alternative to Youtube :wink:

do you know this project :


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What OS are you using? If you’re not already using the latest version of IPFS I’d recommend upgrading.

When the video stops playing, does your local daemon show any errors?

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ipfs version 0.4.17 which I got from the download site 2 days ago.
Windows 10 home 64bit edition

It doesn’t show any errors the video just stutters to a halt and hangs.

Thanks :slight_smile:
I created an account on steemit and d-tube about 7 months ago as all my youtubes were demonetized and my comments being shadow banned. Now I’m trying to find a way to make sure that my d-tubes will remain seeded even if nobody watches them.
I didn’t know it was available as a project on github. Do you think I should install the d-tube application instead of generic IPFS?

i discover that recently i can’t be sure that (about seeded your videos on D-tube). i need to inspect the code to be sure. In first look i see D-tube have have a feature to upload videos buti can’t see i feature to persist a videos by CID.


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You might already be doing this, but just in case not the following steps should work to view the content locally on the IPFS node with the videos added. If it doesn’t and there are no errors, I’m not sure what the problem would be unless it’s performance issues.

  1. make sure the daemon is running (ipfs daemon)
  2. access the video through the local gateway (http://localhost:8080/ipfs/<hash for video without brackets>)

Thank U :slight_smile:
Yes that works great!
I’m not sure yet how to make it publicly available as a d-tube video…