Ethereum signining of IPNS

Thanks UCAN Distributed Auth looks interesting. Digesting more.

Signing a message that allows other keys to sign for it makes a lot of sense but then each time I used a different ipns “server” it have to point my ens/dns at the new key generated by that server for people to find it. That’s workable but loses some of its global value of ipfs.

For my project I’m currently just broadcasting pubsub messages with ipns-like records in them signed by the eth wallet. I think that gets me most of what I want but still interested in if I could reuse something already mirrored by others like ipns.

Reading the up date here Issue #323 next

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You can create valid IPNS record I’ve done it. How to persist them is still a challenge.

If you only use pubsub ATM, you could publish valid records manually every second of something instead of having Kubo routing system do it.

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