IPNS on public nodes?

Hi all,
I am trying to build a website on top of IPFS and Ethereum. For what I am trying to do I need the IPNS functionality. I was looking at Infura as the IPFS node provider, but they do not allow IPNS functionality. Is there any IPFS node provider you guys are aware of which provides IPNS support?
I would rather not have to run my own IPFS node for this, since I don’t have the necessary network bandwidth to support it.

Thanks in advance!

You don’t have to use IPNS, can you explain a little more about what you are hoping to do?

You can publish a IPFS CID under a domain via a DNSLink as described here: https://docs.ipfs.io/guides/concepts/dnslink/

Thanks for the reply olizilla!

I am trying to do a document signing app (think DocuSign style) where I store the encrypted file in IPFS. Because the document changes after it’s signed, I’d have to re-upload the changed document to IPFS which would give a totally different IPFS link. This would get confusing to the user as the link to the document would change every time someone signs it.

I was thinking of solving this problem by generating an IPNS link for each document to keep track of the changes and pass the IPNS link around. This would solve the problem since the IPNS link would not change as the underlying document changes. However, as I mentioned I haven’t found any public IPFS node which makes this functionality available. I don’t think the DNSLink solution you mentioned would be applicable for my use case.