Fetching IPFS data to display pinned pictures

Hi. I am using js-ipfs and create react app. I am using Fleek to host my site. I have a 'custom domain, ens domain, and the gateway created by fleek (‘mysite’.on.fleek.co). I want to display a gallery of images whenever a certain category link/button is pressed by a user. I am hoping to do this through metadata I can add on pinata. For example, I can give all of my pinned images a category field. Can I use ‘cat’ to pull all files I can based on a metadata field? I don’t want to use directories within IPFS, if possible. All of my images are just added to IPFS through the CLI. As well as then pinned. Are they in some sort of default directory I can traverse? I have used jsipfs init to generate a key and have a CID for my node… Does that CID represent everything within my node? If so, that would be very cool!