File sharding in IPFS

Hello all,

I wanted help with file sharding in ipfs network.

I want to split a file in different parts using javascript (better if its react or node) and then send them to the IPFS network. My question is, how do I retrieve the original file from the split files in IPFS?

Actually IPFS is already “splitting” files in different parts (called Chunks) and then linking them together in a single hash.

In exactly thesame way, it is re-built on the other side, when you share the files with the user.

I have been working already on a client for File Sharing on IPFS. it is called Siderus Orion, and we are testing the final beta release before version 1.0, but if you want to try the old and stable version (v0.9.1) you can download it anyway. Maybe that is helping you