Files.get / files.add is not a function

// Edit
Turns out the functions have been changed to node.* … couldnt find it anywhere documented tho

I’m switching to a new server and now I can’t get IPFS running.
Whenever I use the files.add / files.get function it says that it’s not a function.
It’s working on the other server and I have absolutely no clue why… The ready event is called

let ipfs = require('ipfs');
let node = new ipfs();

node.on('ready', () => {
	node.files.get('QmZRBkfjDqZsHcPKANem6woDaFK6PvchJYFM5uRU4ayhvB', (err, files) => {
		if (err) throw err;
		console.log('Go it!');

process.stdin.resume(); // To keep the process running

root@dnlk:/home/**# node test.js
Swarm listening on /ip4/**
Swarm listening on /ip4/***.***.***.***/tcp/4002/ipfs/**
Swarm listening on /ip4/**
(node:12038) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: TypeError: node.files.get is not a function
    at IPFS.node.on (/home/**/test.js:8:13)
    at IPFS.emit (events.js:189:13)
    at waterfall (/home/**/node_modules/ipfs/src/core/boot.js:71:10)
    at /home/**/node_modules/ipfs/node_modules/async/internal/once.js:12:16
    at next (/home/**/node_modules/ipfs/node_modules/async/waterfall.js:21:29)
    at /home/**/node_modules/ipfs/node_modules/async/internal/onlyOnce.js:12:16
    at self.start (/home/**/node_modules/ipfs/src/core/boot.js:60:9)
    at done (/home/**/node_modules/ipfs/src/core/components/start.js:25:7)
    at /home/**/node_modules/ipfs/node_modules/async/internal/parallel.js:39:9
    at /home/**/node_modules/ipfs/node_modules/async/internal/once.js:12:16

I’m on Ubuntu 18.04 (previously Debian 9.8)

You figured it out, but .get is part of the “regular” files API which lives on the root ipfs object, (e.g. node.get) . All .files.* methods are part of the “mfs” API, which is a separate thing: