Finding origin node's IP using CID

I asked this in #ipfs at libera, but no one replied, so I’m asking it here.

How can I get the IP of the node given a CID?

For example, I added the IPFS’s draft PDF from my VPS using $ ipfs add ipfs_draft.pdf, and this is my CID: QmV9tSDx9UiPeWExXEeH6aoDvmihvx6jD5eLb4jbTaKGps

Is it possible to get my VPS’s IP using this CID?

My IPFS runs on default configuration, so $ ipfs init && ipfs daemon & are the only commands that I ran to run IPFS.


for pid in $(ipfs dht findprovs QmV9tSDx9UiPeWExXEeH6aoDvmihvx6jD5eLb4jbTaKGps); do ipfs id ${pid} | jq . & done

How that works:

List most peers hosting this file and get their PeerID:

ipfs dht findprovs QmV9tSDx9UiPeWExXEeH6aoDvmihvx6jD5eLb4jbTaKGps

Find the IPs of a peer id:

ipfs id ${pid}

The for loop just loop that automatically.