Getting a public IP behind NAT

I have a question on routing and networking:

  • I have an IPFS server that I want to be reachable on the local network and publicly.
  • The server is inside a university network with a local IP and can access the internet through NAT
  • Because I wanted a public IP, university IT has set up their loadbalancer to route port 4001 (TCP and UDP) of a public IP directly to the IPFS server.
  • The IP of the NAT and the one from the loadbalancer are different
  • Running ipfs id does not show the public IP of the loadbalancer but the IPs of some random other IPFS nodes.
  • I have asked if IT can set up routing so that the outgoing traffic shows the same IP as the loadbalancer but that is not possible.


  • Is there a way to have my IPFS node get a public IP?
  • Are there performance implications if my node is only accessible through a different node?

Have you taken a look at Configure NAT and port forwarding | IPFS Docs yet ?

Our IT suggested to add this to the config:

"AppendAnnounce": [

I’ll try that and then report back

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