Go-ipfs v0.13.0 has been released

We’re happy to announce go-ipfs 0.13.0. This release includes:

  • Support for libp2p Resource Manager for managing go-ipfs resource consumption
  • Circuit Relay V2, for improved connectivity behind NATs and firewalls
  • HTTP Gateway support for Block and CAR response formats
  • Numerous HTTP Gateway performance and caching improvements
  • And more!

Full Release Notes: Release v0.13.0 · ipfs/go-ipfs · GitHub
Downloads: IPFS Distributions


Wow…!! That was the most expected feature I was looking for

@guseggert Great news all around!

I have a Scheme client library (HTTP API) that stopped working after upgrading go-ipfs to 0.13.0. Just now I noticed that the same request works as expected (or not) depending on the query string separator – using & works, but ; no longer works.

Can someone confirm this? If this is true, I think it’s worth adding to the breaking changes (small but useful to client maintainers).

Found the source of the backwards incompatibility: