Has ipfs been tested against the full force of a government or bank yet?

I am looking for the best place to post some step by step instructions for things that would be treated as ‘national security’ threats. They aren’t actually ‘national security’ threats more like suppressed technology that they (more like ‘it’) wouldn’t want us peasants to know. Step by step instructions for things like life extension tech(immortality) and instantaneous (teleport) information transfer regardless of time or space. This isn’t a joke, its all real and the only way to release this tech is through a distributed, untouchable, uncensorable network. Can you’re system handle an attack by the NSA or Banking cartels? Can you’re system permanently store information? If I piggybacked multiple amazon servers to with ipfs servers to get it started, do you think Amazon could shut it down before it was hosted by actual ipfs nodes? I want to test multiple distributed systems and find the best, im also looking at zeronet, maidsafe, freenet, and blockstack. Is ipfs better for the purposes I listed above? I am a decent java developer and started learning javascript so that I can contribute to this project.