Help me get ipfs to work?

I have a new server with ipfs-go installed
I have ran ipfs init
and started the ipfs daemon

now when i try the instructions from the documentation it just sits there with a blinking cursor i am unsure why it does not work I followed the instructions.

To clarify.

  1. Install ipfs-go

  2. ipfs init (worked)

  3. ipfs daemon (started)

    ipfs id
    sits there and does nothing and never returns to command prompt

if i shut down the daemon this is what happens

ipfs id
Error: cannot connect to the api. Is the deamon running? To run as a standalone CLI command remove the api file in $IPFS_PATH/api

reinstalling ipfs seems to have fixed the problem. But something is causing it to breakā€¦
I think the problem comes from installing and ipfs this is the third install that has broken