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Testground is a platform for testing and benchmarking distributed systems. We used it before to work on massive improvements to IPFS DHT, Filecoin Network, and libp2p. This year, the IPDX team (opens new window) re-ignited the project. We started two collaborations, created a new use case for interoperability testing, and welcomed new users and contributors.

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Yesterday, we announced that Celestia will be the primary maintainer of the Testground project going forward. Piotr and Laurent (of PL EngRes IPDX) will no longer work actively on Testground at this time.

Celestia has already been using and supporting the project; @Viet and @sysrex are warm and competent engineers, so we encourage you to reach out and contribute alongside them!

This decision is largely motivated by the fact that the PL EngRes libp2p team has decided to create a custom solution for their test suites. The team does not require the large-scale testing capabilities that Testground shines in at this time, making it unnecessary to take on the overhead of using Testground.

We made a lot of progress in 2022, and we’re grateful for the community contributions! Testground continues to be an excellent platform for medium and large-scale testing, and Protocol Labs will likely return to it in the future.We’ll be around to help with the transition too!

We set up a Monthly Sync event for maintainers to chat and share knowledge. Feel free to reach out here or in Slack if you have any questions. Thank you for using and supporting Testground!