How can I find out, if my node is reachable?

Thank you, for your advise.

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Probably the easiest is to turn on your node and wait a few minutes and then get the results of ipfs id if it shows ipv4/ipv6 addresses that appear to be public IP addresses (e.g. not things like then you are probably dialable.

If you’re still not convinced your node is dialable, or you’re having problems then: Once you have your supposedly publicly dialable addresses you should be able to use any online port checker (e.g. to see if the IP + Port combination is actually reachable via the outside world. In general the first step should be sufficient to know about dialability, but this is a reasonable plan B if you’re still having trouble. Also, most of these port checker website’s know your machine’s IP address so you can generally just check ipfs id and look for a matching address.