How can I update metadata after uploading on IPFS

Hello, everyone.
I have previously uploaded NFT metadata in json format to IPFS to mint NFT token using ERC-721 token.
Now we need to edit the metadata uploaded to IPFS.
is this possible? If possible, what should I do?

It is not, IPFS files are immutable because the CID is the actual hash of your content.

You need to add your new version (that will have a different CID). And update the CID in your contract.

Thanks for your reply.
You are right.
Of course, I uploaded the json file to IPFS and got the hash value.
like this: QmbZe9w2aew9Jqoo7Kzk1TEZhD6XdKM5FXVtT4JkZGQjAr

Here can I edit metadata without converting CID?

What do you mean by :


Just make a new NFT you can make as many as you want. Make a dozen, make a hundred, make a million. I don’t know anything about ERC-721 but you can try selling an NFT that links to IPNS. Then you can sell an NFT of whatever it is you choose to link it to. You can call them “curated NFT” an NFT of whatever my opinion of what it should be linked to. Want to buy what I think is the best NFT? I’ll sell you a link to whatever I think that is at any given moment.

Edit: A quick skim of ERC-721 and it doesn’t look like there’s any reason you can’t use IPNS.

I mean how can I update metadata without converting CID.

Sorry but what “converting CID” means ?

Are you trying to not change it ?

No. I have to update metadata with same CID.

Then you’ll have to update it with the same metadata, a noop. You can’t do it. CID=Content, Content=CID. Different Content → Different CID. There isn’t really any “updating”. It would probably help to stop thinking that an update even exists. Nothing is ever updated. You are simply adding something new.

Like I suggested, if you want to update something and not have the identifier change that’s what IPNS is for. If you can just update something willy-nilly then your Non Fungible Token is very fungible.


+1 with @zacharywhitley
I still want to repeat this :

Different Content → Different CID

@Sunlight1026 you can update check ipns, which usually help to use same “static address”. IPNS | IPFS Docs

Yes. NFT is actually about owning link to something.

You do not have any legal rights to use linked image.