How can make global ipfs gateway more early get my new root cid?

test site

run a ipfs daemon local (i use by ipfs desktop)

update many files

i can get this cid in local

i can’t get it from global gateway

my sub files is live in global gateway

Hey bluelovers,

sounds like the sub-files are not touched and therefore are still accessible, since the CID of those files haven’t changed.

The root-folder on the other hand got a new CID, since the elements below it have changed.

There seems to be an issue with incoming connections to your client, the gateway can basically not reach you.

Can you share the part of your configuration file which is labeled “Swarm”?

	"Addresses": {
		"API": "/ip4/",
		"Announce": [],
		"Gateway": "/ip4/",
		"NoAnnounce": [],
		"Swarm": [
	"Pubsub": {
		"DisableSigning": false,
		"Router": "gossipsub",
		"StrictSignatureVerification": false
	"Reprovider": {
		"Interval": "12h",
		"Strategy": "all"
	"Routing": {
		"Type": "dht"
	"Swarm": {
		"AddrFilters": null,
		"ConnMgr": {
			"GracePeriod": "300s",
			"HighWater": 300,
			"LowWater": 50,
			"Type": "basic"
		"DisableBandwidthMetrics": false,
		"DisableNatPortMap": false,
		"DisableRelay": false,
		"EnableAutoNATService": true,
		"EnableAutoRelay": true,
		"EnableRelayHop": true