How do I browse my pins?

I’m relatively new to IPFS, but I get most of the basics as to how it works. The only thing that confuses me is: how do I read the output of the ipfs pins ls? If I run that command, all I get is a list of hashes and “indirect” or “recursive”. I figured out that “recursive” returns a hash of a folder for other pins, but all the other pins confuse me. Please, ELI5.

You might want to have a look at Desktop clients like Siderus Orion or IPFS Desktop

In both Siderus Orion and the new web ui you can explore the Pins, see their content and browser the IPFS objects.

The recursive are the objects “indirect” should be the content pinned indirectly from the recursive content AFAIK:

From the docs:

pinned indirectly by an ancestor (like a refcount)

How does Siderus Orion not have an IPFS multihash listed as a download option?

We do it internally and we are planning to migrate into IPFS.