How do I get the hash of a folder via ipfshttpapi?

After hours of trying to get my own API code to write with IPFS, I’ve switched to the official ipfshttpapi.

When I try and run this code:"/")

I get:

{'Entries': [{'Hash': '', 'Name': 'GANN', 'Size': 0, 'Type': 0}]}

Where can I get the hash for the GANN folder? This command worked through my own API, but not the official API.

And honestly like to know what that even really means at the end of the day because I feel like I’m just constantly digesting misinformation this process thing updates all the time by people who won’t even let me approach

Is this with the js http api client? If so, what versions of the http client & ipfs are you using?

I ask because with 0.4.x of go-ipfs you have to specify a ‘l: true’ option to get more than just the filename - with 0.5.x that changed to ‘long: true’ and with ipfs-http-client@44.2.0 we started sending that param as true by default but stopped sending the ‘l’ param.

I’m using Python. I’m using 4.x. I’lll give it a shot. Thanks.