How i can use rendezvous server in IPFS go implementation?

When i use ipfs-js implementation rendezvous server help me for find peers. I just add


in my swarm array and it worked great.

but if i add in swarm on GO implementation

$ ipfs swarm connect /dns4/
Error: failed to parse multiaddr "/dns4/": unknown protocol wss

what should I do?

go ipfs doesn’t support WSS (websocket secure) only websocket

yes, i know, but what the correct address for this server?

I create personal renedevous server with addr - /dns4/

and try to connect like that - /dns4/
with error - Error: found no ipfs peers at /dns4/

try to connect like that - /dns4/
with error - Error: failed to parse multiaddr “/dns4/”: unknown protocol p2p-websocket-star

so. I do not know how to use it.

May be have another solution for fast search peers for each file?

If I understand your question, you need to add a valid IPFS address that is reachable by your client (like the ones listed in: ipfs id)

On a side note, I created a zeroconf app that advertises and finds local IPFS peers and automatically adds them.


Hmm, guess I did not understand. If you run: ipfs id on that node, what does it show?

no, in local network all work by default on ipfs.

I have

  • node A1, A2, A3, A…, this is nodes of my friends from thailand
  • node B1,B2,B3 this is nodes of my teams in Russia.

And now if node A1 add new file and send head CID of file to node B1 , then node b1 very slow search node A1. This is big problem.

Before i use js-ipfs implementation and rendevous server resolve this problem. But i need go-ipfs implementation right now

"ID": "QmUaJgFE81j8wyzvWQPnPB3z8k4qpN4WibwUWEX66iNk8P",
"PublicKey": "CAASpgIwggEiMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUAA4IBDwAwggEKAoIBAQDCMRjpp9OvbJ2VbnHXVQgfYrv7x/hxSae9AmpW2nCY5/gzvK1jfyNshIqhP/NE0bdnskDaLouXeDiWvC044St6F+0489QI3z6RCXEY/LfSUbcIP254XW7N6DiXxyY989XLD2/jYY/sFkKbIOw0VQd8aJXnfb03oNVOxl5qfRhftwxrmRxy1IaWgPsJ0hTZlR2Wv+iQSKG9zXf6kDxeBOXbStARdmseHiUQoj+IIB/v6G8iOo7XPQF+yne0DAtZDZdl/OUstQMFDuy9CnOQ5loAp8POiSMuEkNO9C3ggjtuCBO4LKISCfpUlgG12S64xW8x+NKx4mDC5JLd6JUsuUGdAgMBAAE=",
"Addresses": [
"AgentVersion": "go-ipfs/0.4.22/4e981576b-dirty",
"ProtocolVersion": "ipfs/0.1.0"