How to add multiple files (not a directory) with one API request

The API docs show the following example for a single file:

 curl -F file=@myfile "http://localhost:5001/api/v0/add?recursive=false&quiet=<value>

But consider the following command using the CLI:

ipfs add -w hello.txt world.txt

This outputs the following:

ipfs add -w hello.txt world.txt
7 B / 14 B [...] 50.00% 0seadded QmSkYzY65dGXo8q6kjrsj1erH4bLZmyQoHDd8wwoAKpG8V hello.txt
14 B / 14 B [...] 100.00% 0seadded QmfB6vc6ssMvEaMBbG6XGRGhcZYKSqcy8Wgbrcc9rVyGuV world.txt
added QmTNXVpXcVWz52KpMdfFEMuPSmRMBmEkEEq9y4czko6DEy

It added the files, outputs the hash for each of them and the hash that wraps them both.

How can I achieve the same result using the API?
Or can it be done using multiple requests, if so how?

Try it this way:

curl -F "file1=@hello.txt" -F "file2=@world.txt"

But, Could you please tell me how to add a directory to ip fs via curl ?
I can finish it via curl -F “file=@ipfs” “http://localhost:5001/api/v0/add/?recursive=true&file=&ipfs