How to check is the given <ipfs_hash> is already fully downloaded or not?

First when I run ipfs --offline block stat <ipfs_hash> and if the hash does not locally exist I get following message: Error: blockservice: key not found.

  • Afterwards I run following: ipfs object stat <ipfs_hash> and after getting a valid output

  • I run ipfs --offline block stat <ipfs_hash> again , now it always return valid information (hence does not give an error) even the hash is not downloaded. So assuming if ipfs --offline block stat <ipfs_hash> gives and Error message is not correlated that the given hash is locally downloaded.

How can I resolve this in order to detect if the asked hashed is fully downloaded or not?

I can do something like ipfs refs local | grep <hash> , but I don’t want to keep fetch all the hashes and it will be slower when there is hundreds of hashes exist.

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Define fully downloaded… if you mean a full DAG with more than one block, you can do something like ipfs --offline refs -r <ipfs_hash> and it should return an error if blocks are missing.

When you ran ipfs object stat, it downloaded that single block (but potentially not other blocks that it links to).