How to create a private network of ipfs

From @satyamakgec on Fri Mar 03 2017 14:20:09 GMT+0000 (UTC)

Is their any way to create the private network of ipfs nodes that is used to replicate the data on multiple nodes or is their any way to create multiple node of the ipfs on the same machine .


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From @hsanjuan on Fri Mar 03 2017 14:35:09 GMT+0000 (UTC)

@satyamakgec do you mean something like ?

From @satyamakgec on Wed Mar 08 2017 09:17:31 GMT+0000 (UTC)

@hsanjuan thanks but ipfs cluster is still in alpha phase.
Please guide me how to create multiple nodes on one machine and run them simultaneously.
machine - linux

From @whyrusleeping on Wed Mar 08 2017 11:44:26 GMT+0000 (UTC)

@satyamakgec try out iptb:

This needs a new write up using Private Networks.

Are clustered IPFS nodes really the same as a private IPFS swarm? The latter I understand to be a bunch of nodes that only talk to each other, that don’t talk to any node outside of their group. E.g. standard clustered nodes auto-pin all their objects among themselves, but these objects are (can be?) available to nodes outside of the cluster too. A private (i.e. not public) network would in my view be the equivalent of an F2F swarm, i.e. sharing (but not necessarily auto-pinning) all objects among themselves, but definitely not connecting to any nodes outside of their “F2F” swarm. (?) But I’m not sure.

Are clustered IPFS nodes really the same as a private IPFS swarm?

They are separate features/functionality.

  • With private networks each node specifies which other nodes it will connect to. Nodes in that network don’t respond to communications from nodes outside that network.
  • With ipfs-cluster you use a leader-based consensus algorithm to coordinate storage of a pinset – distributing the set of data across the participating nodes based on whichever pattern you prefer

You could use these features together – using ipfs-cluster to spread a pinset across a private network of nodes – but they are completely separate features. They do not rely on each other. Support for private networks is functionality implemented within the core (go-ipfs) code base. ipfs-cluster is its own separate code base.


So, are IPFS “private networks” actually possible at present?

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It seems like they are:

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I try to generate swarm key in ipfs after when I start my daemon it’s showing daemon could not start. Like that why is that so can anyone guide me.

Yes, i have the same problem too

What is the specific error message you’re getting?

IPFS deamon can’t be run

Can u able to convey how use swarm key to create private network

Like this I have removed the BOOTSTRAP refer the below link.

With this reference I have created the private swarm key.

Plz check it and explain where I’m I doing wrong.

This doesn’t sound like an error message and I can’t find this string in the code. Can you copy and paste the output from the ipfs daemon command?

They don’t have any implementation for the Python side :- (