How to find these files through CID? The files are very important to me

Due to the bankruptcy of the IPFS type cloud storage company I registered for, I now have some CID numbers. How can I find these files and download them through these CID numbers? I don’t know the node address, so I need to download them. How to find thousands of nodes, please ask the engineer to help take a look.

try ipfs get using Kubo (you need to start ipfs daemon first)

Can you help me find the following CID file?

I’m not able to find any of theses.

I need to call a senior engineer to find him. Don’t reply if you don’t know.

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May I ask if you can help me delete the post and re publish it, waiting for the senior engineer to reply to me

I don’t get why you want to republish the post.

I don’t know what you are hopping a « senior enginer » would do here.

If you want help you should give more information like what pinning service you used, or why you belive theses CIDs might still be online.

I don’t know what my regular service is. There is a cloud storage service called Xiaolong Cloud in our country that permanently stores files based on IPFS. However, it went bankrupt last month. We can only download it through the client, but we cannot download it through IPFS desktop. Do we need a secret key or use Multiaddr to search for this CID.
There is a website that I checked and it shows
:heavy_check_mark: Successfully connected to multidr
:heavy_check_mark: Found multimedia with 4 dht peers
:x: Could not find the multihash in the dht
:x: The peer responded that it does not have the CID
May I ask what I need to do to find my file.
Because I couldn’t find these CIDs on the IPFS desktop last month, but they can be downloaded normally in our software called Xiaolong Cloud. The official has promised to permanently download these files and they will never disappear. They are all in the nodes of the pin cluster. May I ask if it is related to the encrypted pin cluster.

I don’t know what you are talking about, IPFS itself does not promise files will be reachable forever.
Other networks built on top of IPFS like lighthouse can try to provide this and IPFS works in the exchange layer.

Does Xiaolong Cloud provide you a gateway you can use ?
You can try adding ?format=car to download a block archive, and then ipfs dag import them back in your node.

Xiaolong Cloud did not tell us where their gateway or node is, is there anyone who can crack it. But I am 100% certain that my files are definitely in the node.
? How to add format=car? I don’t know how to use the go language

?format=car is a URL query parameter.
For example you can download from the gateway like this: curl -L | ipfs dag import

Do you have any other technical means?to find cid

I don’t know Xiaolong Cloud. If they don’t publish their content on the public networks you will need to use their own solution and I don’t know anything about it.

So, people around the world who understand IPFS, can you help me ask others.

I want to post another similar post for others to answer.

Hello sir @FGGDXF . I am senior engineer.

Can you give link to “check” website?

Can you give link to Xiaolong Cloud software? Xialong Cloud client?

This maybe in encrypted cluster. We cannot help. The Xialong Cloud officials can help, maybe. We try.

Do you have contact information or a Telegram account? I will communicate with you

I sent you a private message, please reply to me

Hello, I replied to you. Didn’t you see it?


this is apk cid