How to know the units of measurements for curl -X POST ""

I have ipfs peer deployed on k8 cluster and i want to check this peer incoming and outgoing traffic using this call
i get the response as expected

  "RateIn": "<float64>",
  "RateOut": "<float64>",
  "TotalIn": "<int64>",
  "TotalOut": "<int64>"

but i am not sure how to get the units for these values

these values change dramatically for example

for example the RateIn could be β€œ8.752270540957012”
and two seconds later the value becomes β€œ1258.0550467236012”
which makes be believe they can’t be of the same unit
the first time could be B/S and the second time could be KiB/s
how can i make sure of that?

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